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another umbrella and skirt

This time is sunny summer :).


In the summer, I always have to use an umbrella or a hat if I go out under the sun. I also wear long skirt a lot. I love skirt with lace too. So, this long white skirt is another pick of my summer skirt.

This is an umbrella from amerie’s naughty. It also comes with AO. The animations are very nice. The pictures are showing two of them.


Umbrella: aN

Necklace: ICoN- LF necklace

Bracelet: KIWI (old group gift)

Sandals: Burt Laundry- shell sandals

Skirt: C’est la vie- waist ribbon skirt

Top: anuenue- MaiaDress

Vest: Rhapsodie- bohemian vest


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umbrella and raincoat


This is the second post about umbrella  :P.

I did another post about raincoat a while ago. This GM raincoat is a lucky board gift. (I spen two days waiting to get this 😛 ) Although there are other colors for sale, only this yellow one is half transparent. I would suggest the store owner to put all in a fat pack to include this yellow color for unlucky people like me.

K*S created some wonderful umbrella too. This is one of the four different color umbrellas I get a long time ago. They come with AO and can be closed by touch.


From the back


I got this cute backpack in the Albero sale. His eyes become big for a second sometime. However, I am unable to catch the screen shot of that moment.


Umbrella: K*S (dollarbie ?)

Rainboot: CF (brought in the Albero accessory sale)

Backpack: Clive Froggit Backpack

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Umbrella and skirt

When will the rain stop?


So… my computer died last weekend :(.

I finally can come back to SL yesterday and found that I have a lot… to catch up.

Anyway, this post is a combination of what I have been wanted to do. Long waiting…

I like to wear white skirt in the summer. So this BF skirt is my first pick for showing my summer skirt (more on the way :P).

The umbrella is the best umbrella I have seen. Although it is pricey, I still have to buy one to complete my umbrella collection. Yes, I love umbrella. I have  14 umbrellas now (different  textures in the same one  is not counted), and as I am seeing more and more designers making umbrellas, I am sure that the number will grow. 😛 (I also plan to show my umbrella collection in the future posts).

So… although it is sunny outside, the raining feeling is what I had when I cannot go in Second Life. It has been a long week of waiting. 😛


Skirt: !BF! -Hot Summer BoHo Skirt-Beige

Top: ENCEMBLE- Alice Set (free)

Belt: UM – Stone change belt

Bolero: Hal*Hina- knit bolero (free)

Necklace: UM- Feather necklace

Bracelets: Zaara- Melange bracelets

Headband: chicoco- mix katyusha blue line diamond

Umbrella: NODe- umbrella_v2_NO7

Shoes: Pixel Mode- Tem Wedges- Denim


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black flower


A little 80’s feeling…

I didn’t mean to create this outfit, but this is the outcome of my play. :p

Originally, I was unpacking and trying different clothes in my inventory (Finally organize my inventory a little bit). So, for a moment, I was wearing the Slow Kitchen top and Emcemle skirt together. I don’t usually put different flower patter together,  but they look OK together. So the following is a long story…. 😛

I tried many different hair,  shoes, and accessories to match them. But this one is tough. Anyway, I think the final result is OK.

I was also going to put together the group gift Bangel from Royal Blue with the heart necklace also from Royal Blue (didn’t show), but the necklace doesn’t match the shirt. Then, in the searching of necklace, I found Lagyo’s stole. That’s why there is a second outfit. I actually like it more (although it is impossible I would wear something like this in RL). 😛


Form the back (I changed the stole’s texture)



Cardigan: COCO

Top: Slow Kitchen- Flower blouse (might be free, not sure)

Hair: booN- TOM245

Glasses: P.C;

Necklace: Swallowtail- Gloomy Flower

Skirt: Emcemble (Group gift 7)

Skin: Rockberry-Megan Dark Tan (lucky board)

Bangel (right): Royal Blue (gift)

Tight: Twee

Shoes: SMS


Stole: LaGyo- Puffy stola black

Shirt: LeeSu- Valerie Blouse

Under: RunoRuno


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I made a cupcake for you, but…

you can’t eat it 😛

The cupcake on my head is the one I made specially for you.

I call this a mushroom cupcake outfit. It looks weird, but fun. Haha… who wants to eat a mushroom cupcake……

Today is one of my family member’s birthday. So the words, such as, happy, party, colorful, cake… are in my mind when I create this outfit.

It is interesting to me that many people in SL like cupcakes. I didn’t pay attention to it until see more and more cupcake products come out.

Recently, I brought many pigtails-style hair. I think I look good in pigtails. 😛

I didn’t buy something new today but tried to wear the clothes and accessories that I’ve never worn. There are some freebies or dollarbies.

I personally don’t think it is perfect, but just a documentation of the things I have. That’s also one of the reason I started doing blog. Unlike many bloggers who started in their early time after join SL, I have been in SL more than two years, but didn’t blog untile now. So, my problem is that I have too many things that I didn’t even open the boxes after I get them, and now I need a cleanup. Blogging becomes my way to do this. So…. all in all, I am new to this, weclcome comments.

By the way, after I finished adjusting my prim attachments (I normally need to do that, because I have a big body), I went to a sim and was forced to logged out. When I logged back in, my attachments returned to the original size. Well, I thought I can adjust them again. But weird thing happened. I couldn’t edit those attachments, which I have modify permission. When I selected them, the editing window showed that I cannot modify them. So I logged out and back in again, but it’s still the same. So I spent time try to figure out the problem and alternatives for those items. Fortunately, I found the original box contains the items in my inventory, so I rezzed them again and deleted the other same items I was wearing. I still don’t know why this happened. Anyone has the same experience?



From the back


Skin: (FS)- fun skins- Sara (free)

Shirt: momo- mushrooms tee

Short: burt laundry- green check pants (camp chair)

legwarmer: Otaku Design (hunt gift)

Belt: Zenith Candy Belt Dollarbie

Socks: Shop Seu- taitsu taight blue

bag: [PF] Skully cupcake backpack

Necklace and bracelet(left): Violet Voltaire- Cupcakes birthday

Bracelet (right): mocorin – Candy ichigo milk  (might be free, not sure)

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I like shopping in SL. There are so many wonderful stores that not only provide great products, but also provide nice store spaces where I enjoy much.

However, a lot of time, the lag and slow loading speed of images take me away from the store.

So, I also shop on xstreet. I can see product images much faster and I can also compare many differnt products.

Anyway, I love shopping virtual products……. My poor wallet….

When I am creating a new outfit or arranging my houses in SL, that’s usually the time I shop. Because I will find I need something and start looking for it.

Virtual shopping for me is as much fun as going shopping in RL, although they are also different.

I wonder does virtual shopping also give me a sense of  “I shop therefor I am?” It provides me an embodied experience of existing in my avatar form.

I like to wear jeans skirt to go shopping in RL. I have  been looking for a nice jeans skirt in SL for a long time. However, most of them are too short…

Although LeLutka has a very nice jeans skirt, I found it is a low waist style. (I will probably create an outfit around it next time)

So, today, when I am wandering around Creators Pavillion sim I found this skirt from 141.

Still not 100% what I am looking for, but it is good enough. 😛

So I create my shopping outfits from the skirt.



Skirt: 141

Shirt: K&CO

Bag: Yuli

Shoes: Kalnins


Shirt: Kurotsubaki

Belt: Maitreya

Necklace: Cailyn’s

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red dress

My another love store is Shirohato. I almost brought the entire store when I visited it a few monthes ago.

However, I just let the beautiful dresses stay in my inventory for a long time. So today, I am showing this red check dress.

By the way, the new Miel shoes are so adorable. It is so nice that I received a demo from the group, but the image is so attracting itself. So, I brought them without trying a demo.

The bracelet is free from Rhapsodie. This is a store I discovered a while ago, and I wanted to buy the skirt back then, but I didn’t. So I went back there yesterday and find this nice bracelet. I make is larger becuase I like the feeling of loose bracelet on my arm.

The red necklace is my change of the texture of a GM teardrop necklace. I don’t even remember where I got this. But now it looks nice with my dress. 😛



I love the shoes so much that I wish I have these shoes in RL. 😛



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