red dress

My another love store is Shirohato. I almost brought the entire store when I visited it a few monthes ago.

However, I just let the beautiful dresses stay in my inventory for a long time. So today, I am showing this red check dress.

By the way, the new Miel shoes are so adorable. It is so nice that I received a demo from the group, but the image is so attracting itself. So, I brought them without trying a demo.

The bracelet is free from Rhapsodie. This is a store I discovered a while ago, and I wanted to buy the skirt back then, but I didn’t. So I went back there yesterday and find this nice bracelet. I make is larger becuase I like the feeling of loose bracelet on my arm.

The red necklace is my change of the texture of a GM teardrop necklace. I don’t even remember where I got this. But now it looks nice with my dress. 😛



I love the shoes so much that I wish I have these shoes in RL. 😛




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