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My Internet connection broke for a few days this week. It was a pain, but it also gives me an opportunity to be away from SL and stop spending Lindens. 😛

So, I am combining many things in a post again. I have been wanted to do some posts about café/restaurants  in SL. So, I decided to start with Café Picnic. It is one of my favorite café. I believe many people alreday been to there. My outfit colors, orange and yellow, are colors I feel in the place.







The scarf is free from BALACLAVA’s secret lab, which only available  to people who find two hunt gifts. Wonderful….

BTW, when I was buying the bag from CHABINNS, the owner Robinn Magic was there too. She was very nice and gave me a backpack as gift. Thank you so much!!

Scarf: BALACLAVA- evergreen scarf /goldendot (free)

Skirt: anuenue (Group gift 2008.12)

Socks: K*S- socks 64

Shirt (long): Cube sugar- chiffon blouse

T-shirt: Truth (gift)

Hair: AY.LinE (opening ift)

Shoes: LiNe (hunt gift)

Bracelets: Zaara

Belt: Maitreya- coin belt

Bag: Chabinns- ECO bag


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