summer fire


Sleeveless little printed dress is everywhere in the summer. I decide to do a few outfits on these dresses. This post is the first one. More on the way….

Despite SL keep logging me out every few minutes, I spent a few days searching for some nice dresses in many stores. I like elastic/frill top dress (don’t even know how to describe this kind of dress).  It is interesting that although there are a lot of summer dresses, I found not much of these kind dress in SL (or maybe I didn’t look hard enough :D). (please let me know if you know where they are.)

The left and right are from mixx and KiiTos, and they are typical models of these dresses.  The middle one is a very cute printed dress from BF that I feel matches with my knee pads :P.





Headband: Slow Kitchen- hippie band

Necklace: PP- Feather & String

Dress1: mixx- Ethnic camisole & dress_02

Dress2: BF- Sleeveless Printed Frock 3

Dress3: KiiToS- Asian onepiace

Knee pads: Tintable Knee pads wrestlewares (found on Xstreet)

Hair1: Maitreya- Bo

Hair2: JUNWAVE- Emmy

Hair3: AY. LinE- Himawari

Shoes1&3: LOTTA- anne marie

Shoes2: GF- Wedge tong sandal

Skin 1: LeLutka- London fair

Skin 2& 3: Curio


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