a long time ago


A long time ago, I tried to paint a picture about a girl and firefly. The painting has never been finished.

Fireflies are summer dream bugs… So, when I see the new firefly jar from reek, I know immediately I need to have it.

Ruru@Pino is a shop I learned from the watermelon hunt. The outside space of the shop just brings me the memory of an evening, girl, and firefly. So… that what this outfit is about.

There are two free hakka pipe there, the one in my mouth is from the vending machine.

By the way, there are some beautiful hairdresses in the shop. Hope I can show them soon.


I hope this place has fireflies…


taking a pciture with these cute hakka pipes…


nothing…just want to see the fireflies… 😛



Ladybug & leaf in mouth: Cutie Honey- Ladybug-002 20 (hunt gift)

Sunflower: H*S Betty HIMAWARI (free or dollarbie)

Necklace1: DooDads- Elephant necklace

Necklace2: tomoto- avec coccinelle rouge L

Necklace3: Drowsy milk (free opening gift)

Hat: KUROTSUBAKI- mugiwara

Skirt: Gbberish- Dorothy pleated skirt (old group gift)

Top1: This is a Fawn- sheer scoop back tank

Top2: NOP-G-glam (old hunt gift)

Top3: Gebberish- Chelsea girl top (free)

Hair: AY.LinE- Himawari

Shoes: GM- sandal flower

Firefly jar: Reek

Pipe in mouth: Ruru@Pino Hakka Pipe (Ramune cola)



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2 responses to “a long time ago

  1. Loved your post! 😀 ❤

  2. Thank you Annunziata 🙂

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