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Working Monday


Trying to make myself look more professional, but not successful…

The picture looks like I have a headache for back to work on Monday :P.

There were so many things going on during weekend. I spent some time doing hunting and shopping around. OK, I admit that is basically what I do in SL  :P.

The new things showing here is the Hal Hina skin. I really like the skins from the Hal Hina lucky bags. I brought three of the lucky bags. Now I am broken… :(.

And… of course, the hunt. I only show two hairs from the hunt here, but the poop hunt is the funnest hunt I have ever participated. It doesn’t require a lot of TPs, because it is a sim hunt, and the items are not so hard to find. The best is there is an official note card with complete list of the places where the “poops” are. I used it to find some I couldn’t find. Ya… I got all the stuff from the hunt.

So it is Monday, time to go back to work.



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Black doll


Looking for the definition of doll in the dictionary, it says a figure for child play or a pretty woman (but empty-headed). If my avatar is my doll, I wonder how it functions. Is it just for playing or an empty-headed pretty pixel image? Can my doll be ugly, odd, and different?



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hum a song


I like the feeling of wearing a long skirt. Make me want to hum a song and dance.

You cannot hear me singing, but can you see me dancing?



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first date


I thought of calling this post “grandma’s love and hate dating wear” :P.

Grandma would tell me to wear something like the left picture, and she hates the outfit of the right pciture.

Anyway, I read an interesting post from Malika’s blog about dating avatar, and thought dating avatar is an fascinating topic to explore. There are many stories about meeting and dating someone in SL and then it turns into a RL relationship. Although I do not have this experience, I always wonder about people behind avatars.

Actually, neither of these outfits would I wear to my date. They are just my imaginations :P.



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Red danger


You came quietly.

In red.

Ate my heart slowly.

Wanna takeout too.

I am completely empty now.

What more can I give?



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Sunday casual


Sunday casual again. Another random combination of my stuff.

Well, I bought a shirt in RL recently, which is similar to the Modd.G one I am wearing. So I am using  SL to explore how I can wear the shirt in RL. 😛



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jellyfish dancing with butterfly


So this post is actually about poses, but there are also many things I want to talk about.

I finished the Pro poser hunt so I want to show some poses here. Poses are usually not mentioned  in my posts, because I cannot remember the pose I use after done with pictures and come to blog. (Sorry about that, but if you want to know a specific pose I use, just leave a comment.) But I deeply admire pose makers. They are doing an important work. The hunt is the first of its kind, so it is worth to do, if you are into taking pictures. There are about half of them are couple poses, which is not really useful for me. I am showing some of my favorite poses from the hunt here, but there are more than these. Some poses here are not from the hunt, but I got them recently.

Another important thing I want to mention is the designer united event, which I think everyone already knows. But it is just too awesome, so I have to use some of my new items here.

The butterfly skin is a free or dollarbie from Kei. Although the skin tone doesn’t do the look I want there, it has very nice butterfly tattoo. That’s why my avatar is wearing it here. I have been wanting to buy the JM:Mai Devonz skin for a long time. The event is a good chance to get the special edition of the skin. So I finally get it :P.

I couldn’t find better ballet shoes to wear. Although I like DeLa’s ballet shoes, there are all dark color. So I chose one of my favorite flat from Five minutes after.

Anyway, talk to0 much…  (anyone really read it? :P)


Pose: Isobeya (not from the hunt but it is a nice place to check out poses. The ballet animations are really nice.  Thanks Beanie for posting.)


Pose from left to right: DARE, ANA-NATIONS, EverGlow (hunt gifts)


Pose from left to right: Reel, ELISA, KissOverdose (hunt gifts)


Pose: Nil Giha (from the jellyfish designer event)

other details…

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