second hand


So I was thinking about many clothes in my inventory are only been worn once, and my inventory is growing in a speed that I couldn’t control. It would be nice if there is a second hand clothes store that people can buy and sell their clothes (and clean up inventory :P). So what does this have to do with this outfit? I think this outfit is my “idea” of second hand clothes, or clothes I would buy in second hand store.

Old clothes and old bike….. hobo?

I brought the long skirt twice a long time ago. This is because I have no memory. I brought it sometime ago and next time I went to the store I brought it again :(. Until someday I saw I have two same folders in my inventory.




Tank: !Ohmai- high rise tank

Bag: Modd.G- Printed Sling Bag

Sandals: Burt Laundry- gold Sandals (camp gift)

Skirt: C’est la vie!- Long skirt- Autumn

Jecket: Truth- second hand jacket

Glasses: Miel- Bella peepers (group gift)

Dress: 141- embroidered onepiece

Bike: Delux hobo bicycle (free, found at Xstreet)

Hair: DEJAVU- Yuruhuwa

Skin: vivie9- Jennifer Bronze skin (free)

Duck: D-lab


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