standing on single foot


Feeling wet this summer. Did summer really come or it is already gone?

The outfits start with the t-shirts I brought from Gas Mask flower. I rediscovered the store in a shopping mall where I went for another store. Gas Mask flower is a small and special store, and it has some urban decay-style stuff. It has been a long time since it moved from old location and I couldn’t find the new store until a few days ago. The t-shirts are at affordable L$50. The first one especially makes me think of flooding water and this wet summer.

I add the sleeves from Tuli. They are very useful gift. 🙂

The plastic dolls from Rotten toe inspires my skin choice.  The doll skin from Cyber Rapunzel turns me into a doll again. A plastic doll floating in the flood…. or trying to stand on single foot…

By the way, RL is crazy recently, I will be away on a trip again. See you next week.





Pants: RT- cutie doll shorts

Stole: IZUMIYA- stole set (part)

Scarf1: Miel- Charcoal plaid scarf (old group gift)

Socks: Miel- Lo socks embony

T-shirt1: GMSf– a tee…

Hair: BP- autumn chignon

Skin: CR- Butterfly doll skin

Shoes: 0N-Wo Boots

Umbrella: RT- Broken dolls umbrella

Wrist band: Love Soul (free)

Sleeves: Tuli- Wide sleeve shirt (group gift, part)

Skirt: Royal blue- Subversive Bows

T-shirt2: GMSf– Mary’s Lamb

Scarf2: Japancakes- Petal scarf

Violin case: GMSf


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