first date


I thought of calling this post “grandma’s love and hate dating wear” :P.

Grandma would tell me to wear something like the left picture, and she hates the outfit of the right pciture.

Anyway, I read an interesting post from Malika’s blog about dating avatar, and thought dating avatar is an fascinating topic to explore. There are many stories about meeting and dating someone in SL and then it turns into a RL relationship. Although I do not have this experience, I always wonder about people behind avatars.

Actually, neither of these outfits would I wear to my date. They are just my imaginations :P.




Bag: B@R- Evita Black

Bracelect: Jill (free?)

Earrings: FBG- Conversation hearts antique

Necklace: YFT- Rosary wood (lucky board)

Vest: en Svale- Knit shawl

Dress: Slow Kitchen-Dingy retro dress

Skirt: Mother Goose’s – Dot white skirt

Hair: BP- First date hair

Shoes: TESLA- Elise2 mary jane heels (free)

Skin- Curio

Lashes: Cake- Bedroom


Bag: KaWaii jelly- Black boom box bag

Bangles: Miel- sol set

Earrings: La Forgia Jewels- Vertigo Earrings

Necklace1: Royal Blue- love stone pendent

Necklace2: Jetcity

Top: Sugarcube- pine straw dress (part)

Undershirt: Pixel Dolls- tintable bikini (part)

Gloves and leggings: Zenith- FishBone (part)

Skirt: KUROTSUBAKI- boro skirt

Hair: Shag- Thrust

Boots: Lya- Valentina

Lashes: Cake- Bedroom

Skin: Hani- Lucky letter skin Xanthe


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