Foreign princess


I was going to make a little red outfit, but it turns out to be a big red :P.

Have been searching for a long red skirt to go with the BomBon top for a while, but found that there are not too many long red ethnic skirts. So I modified the red skit to be longer. The top dress was a random click wear and I found its goes well with the skirt.

Feel like I am a foreign princess now.



Skirt: KUROTSUBAKI- flexible skirt red (modified to be longer)

Earrings: DooDads- Elephant earrings

Crown: gisele- crown for estienne

Capelet: BomBon

Dress: Sari’s- C Chock dress

Socks: Maitreya

Hair: JUNWAVE- Shell snail

Shoes: Periquita- Funny girl flasts

Skin: My Uglydorothy- Lillberism01 (group gift)



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2 responses to “Foreign princess

  1. achariya

    i love this style so much ❤ great look.

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