grocery shopping


When I go grocery shopping, I usually buy some extra treat for myself.

Eating those little snacks is the happiest thing after dragging heavy groceries home.

There are some nice prim groceries in SL, but I wish there are more :Q.

One of my favorite store, en Svale, releases the knit pants. I couldn’t resist all knit things… love the texture.



Bag1: TOSL- Farmer’s Market bag

Bag2: DemiDemi- color changeable shopping bag

Bag3: IZUMIYA- GG Gamaguchi

Bag4: RC- food bank donations

Juice: mocorin- Pumpink pack juice

Glasses: K_gs- CityAutumn 1.01 (group gift)

Leek: Ducknipple (free?)

Bread: DemiDemi- half bread (camp gift)

Pants: en Svale- Knit Half Pants

Socks: Doppelganger– Button me up

Tights: DemiDemi- brown tights with knee patches

Turtle: Sugarcube

Sweater: LeeZu- Woolstock pullover

Boots: anaama+indian

Hair: Kin- Ilda



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6 responses to “grocery shopping

  1. I don’t normally comment on posts – but everything about this picture is so totally adorable. The skin, hair, clothing, accessories – pose – YOU ROCKED this photo!

  2. super cute look – love the colors you used!

  3. You really need to put all your amazing outfits into Flickr so I can bug you with my group invites, in this particular case, the SLPFFC! XD <3333
    So niiiice.

    • Dearest elka,

      I have completely neglected Flickr for a long time :P. Just too much for me to maintain two sites. Sorry about that, I will try to put pictures up again, when I get some extra time.
      BTW, what is SLPFFC?…. sorry, I am so out of contact… XD

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