16 days

Have you heard about 16 days of activism against gender violence campiagn? If not, you can learn more here.

I got a package with free t-shirt and information a few days ago. This is a meaningful activity, so I decided to take my actions. My actions are making outfit for the t-shirt 😛 and helping spread the word. You can got the package with more information in-world here.

Here are some links with more information:




Here are some things you can do:


Hair flower: RP– HA1_B_Sakurapink

Necklace: SMS- Boombox necklace

Belt: Shiny Things- simple snakeskin blet

Glasses: +plus– Adorable sunglasses in pink (1L)

T-shirt: 16 days of activism free t-shirt (get the whole pack and t-shirt here)

Jacket: AOHARU- short jean jacket (only wear scultpy jacket part)

Pants: Pink– Rocker pant

Sweater skirt: Fishy Strawberry- cuddle maxipull (only wear parts, collar modified)

Sleeves: Ohmai- basics puff blouse blank (free) (tinted)

Hair: Kin– Astri

Shoes: PM– kavika sheen

Skin: Beauty avatar couture- Alyssa


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