listening snow

Cold… freezing cold….

So today’s SLDD special is this beautiful L.Fauna skin. Although I don’t usually wear freckle skin, after trying the demo, I immediately love the freckle on this skin and have to buy it. There are limited quantities, so I am not sure if the special discount pack still left, but the skin will be on normal sale later.


Head dress: WILDO- head dress 12 (rotated)

Vest: Madsy- Fur gilet

Gloves & Scarf: Reek (DTCH hunt gift)

Cardigan: S@BBiA– Knit Cardigan (lucky board)

Skirt: humming- Printed Skirt A

Socks: MIU– Socks no12 (X’mas blue) (free)

Hair: TEKUTEKU- Irregular (sp-white) (group gift)

Boots: AuMa– Knit winter (lucky chair)

Skin: L.Fauna- Lapine Snow-Fae (SLDD discount pack)


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