How does it feel like to hug a snowman?

It must be cold… 😛

Anyway, Drowsy has one of the most beautiful winter sim set up. LOVE IT!!

I will go back to take some pictures, because it is crowded now.

You can find some good freebies and dollarbies as well as nice new clothes there.


Earrings: U&R- LE.LOOK! la feemme (group gift)

Poncho: barbee- poncho black

Glasses: artilleri- greta

boots: BAZCoen- LE.LOOK! la femme (group gift)

Skirt: noju- animal skirt 04

gloves: Drowsy- gloves tee/black (1L) (Drowsy winter festival)

Socks: Slow Kitchen- stars in the night

Hair: Love Soul- Hair + cap (winter choice gift)

Jacket: BP- animal jacket/gray (Drowsy winter festival)

Snowman: rez (I add holding animation)


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