Three in a row

Couldn’t believe I made three posts today. 😛

But… it is the Designers United Event again. I was going to wait for a few days to go, but have been seeing too many beautiful things from other blogs, and I really want to try them myself… so I couldn’t wait and joined the crowd… 😛

I think the biggest benefit of the event is to “collect” special-made things. I would suggest designers make things as no copy and transferable, so people who missed the event can still have a chance to get them, if someone wants to sale theirs.

Recently, I have been thinking about how I “play” SL fashion. I think it is a little like a game for me. To collect clothing is like collecting something in a game. The difference is that there is no ending for the SL fashion game. However, my pocket might be empty soon. 😛


Earrings: Shade Throne- Feathers single (group gift 17)
Hair stuff: AY.LinE- gift KANZASHI (free here)
Necklace: Milk Motion- my feather necklace (DUE 2 item)
Dress: oyakin- Vaudeville dress 2 (DUE 3 item)
Gloves: SAIKIN- long gloves
Leggins: DUBOO- Dancer’s leggings (DUE 3 item)
Top: W&B- I’ll be a ghost shirt
Hair: Kookie- Chiggy (Xmas special)
Lashes: glow studio- Innocent
Skin: Curio- winter 2
Shoes: Anexx- DU<3 vaudevillian shoes (DUE 3 item)


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  1. Good creation. Awesome style. The shoes look really stylish.Thanks.

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