Hot drink

What can be better than a hot drink in cold days?

If you are a mug collector, these free and beautiful mugs will warm you up in the cold weather.

Very girly today, I like lace <3.


Earmuffs: SAIKIN- rabbit fur earmuffs (tinted)
Glasses: DUBOO- Choucream glasses (FLF)
Gloves: mocha- Suede short gloves
Scarf1: couverture- clac stole poinsettia
Scarf2: AA- Neck warmer 12
Skirt1: MIU- border skirt
Skirt2: MNK- Lucky item flower embroiderd skirt (lucky borad)
Socks: MIS- baggy socks (old group gift)
Top: couverture- otoshidama>3 tee (group gift)
Hair + hat: dg– marie
Boots: anuenue- Patchwork ribbon boots secret2
Mugs: BP (group gift), D-lab (group gift), Paper cups by Jordan Giant (free), Tableau coffee mug (free)


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