Killer rose

KENZIE&CO releases awesome new clothes. The leggings I am wearing are beautiful and unique. I love the end cut of the leggings, which I didn’t see too many in SL. There are also other nice things, I will show later.

The jacket from MNK is one of the new cp-switch sale item. Nice and warm. 🙂


Corsage: AY.LinE- Lt.Corsage Brooch
Hair flower: Umi Usagi- rose ornamental (group gift)
Gloves: Royal Blue- Punch the jester gloves (DU3) (tinted)
Scarf: Plastik: Furry Scurf-Dots
Dress: Aurora shop- Xmas set
Leggings: K&CO– & The Vines Grow Deeper ❤
Undershirt: Drowsy- gloves tee/red
Jacket: nikukyu- FurFur jacket (cp-switch winter sale)
Hair: Z+imbabwe*hair- miho
Shoes: In her shoes- flats shny red (free)
Lace on face (me)



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2 responses to “Killer rose

  1. icampese

    i love this outfit, especially the upper part:))
    do you have maybe LM or slurl to the Zimbabwe Hair shop?

    • I bought the hair about a month ago in SWITCH, but when I followed the LM to go back, I couldn’t find the store anymore. 😦 It just disappeared. No info in the creator’s pick. I hope it is just moving. I will let you know if I can find it again.
      Thank you for compliment :).

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