A cool style, not what I usually wear, but I love these new things I am wearing. Shade Thorne’s sunglasses, COCO’s jacket, and the group gift bag from PADACI.

The long necklace is a gift for game playing in TFC Mall. There are different games you can play. I think the shooting game is easier. What you need to do is click and get a free gun, then sit and shoot. When you earn more than 80 points, you will receive a random gift.


Bag: PACADI- Yfke Bag (group gift)
Necklace & earrings 1: Fairy tail- androgynous
Necklace & earrings 2: R.A. Crystal- Eve (game gift, play games here)
Belt: Fishy Strawberry- Geisha Leather belt
Gloves: Glam Affair– Gwen dress gloves (part of outfit) (free)
Pants: Madsy- Draped pants (store closed)
Jacket: COCO- Military Cardigan
Top: Luster– Tulip (part)
Socks: Doux Petit Dahl- Crochet tights
Glasses: Shade Throne– the paranoid sunglasses
Shoes: HOC apparel- MIB Stillettos
Hair: lamb- Witch
Skin: Fi-St- Lan
Location: Scribble



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2 responses to “shoot

  1. icampese

    great combo! love this:)

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