hunt started

So… it is March already…

Some good hunts started today. The Chase of The Beast hunt and the Om Nom hunt are two hunts with cute things. I haven’t finish both of them, but there are still plenty of time. They both end at the end of March. The boots and hat are from the CBH hunt. I am thinking about blogging more things from hunts, because I often time finish a hunt but never open some of the boxes. But, I also don’t want to just “blog” the hunt without making any outfit (my favorite thing). So they might come slowly as I am trying to figure out how to make different outfits from hundreds if not thousands of  things I got.


Bag: B@R- Lost Kittens THSE Bag (old hunt gift) (modified)
Necklace: MIEL- RER SET
Bracelet & earrings: MIEL CUE SET
Hat & Boots: Soap– Puss (CBH hunt gift) ( a little hint: not too far from the entrance)
Top: tb- Scoop Neck Top
Skirt: RibboN– Bohemian-miniskirt (5L gacha)
Tights: KUROTSUBAKI- winter tights
Hair: Honey– GC+HONEY+ hair0006Black-Flower-Ribon(typeB) (20L gacha)
Skin: PF- Skye-Milk- pink sugar


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