not a cat

Some more goodies from hunts…

Although I am wearing cat hair, I didn’t want to pretend I am a cat. 😛

But I sneaked into NuDoLu and found that there are many wonderful new releases with very reasonable price. There are also a lucky board and gift in the store. Love this cute little store. ❤


Necklace: BF- Promo Big Cheese Necklace
Scarf: Connors- Knit Scarf
Leggings: Tee*fy- gachagacha blue
Gloves: Drowsy- Gloves tee/Egreen (part)
Hair: AY.LinE– Cat hair (CBH hunt gift)
Shoes: Periquita- Funny girl flats
Glasses & candy: December (The Om Nom hunt gift)
Under: NuDoLu– La charme de dentelles Rose
Dress: NuDoLu– Les petits bonbons A
Skin: PF- Skye Milk Pink Sugar


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