star chaser

I made this outfit yesterday, but didn’t have time to take pictures. So I am sorry that the Crazy hair hunt is over now. But you still have two days to do the Zombie Popcorn hunt.

So this weird outfit is just putting together a bunch of things I got recently, including things from 50L Friday yesterday. I add the telescope, because I was watching stars last night :P.

I definitely love NO and B@R, however, I wish they could have put clothes in all layers. I couldn’t wear the clothes as I wanted to, because both the romper from NO and the suit from B@R don’t have a undershirt layer.


Bagpack: MYA– fabric Backpack (Group gift in store)
Belt: LOULOU&CO– Belt :: Zombie PopCorn (hunt gift)
Collar & Socks: B@R– Alpha Suits (free)
Glasses: &Bean- Recession Street Bargain Glasses Fark Bacobs
Pants: Kawaii– Denim Shorts *
Cardigan: Fishy Strawberry- Early Morning Cardigan (50L Friday)
Shirt: NO- Diamond Romper
Under: Madsy- Lace Top and Tube
Hair: Clawtooth- The Seas Met (50L Friday)
Crystalline: Nushru- Hair Crystalline (old hunt gift)
Boots: CLEMATIS– leather boots: Black (30L gacha)
Skin: tb- Arctic Frost (no longer available)
Telescope: Reek- Telescopes
Pose: LAP


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