strawberry festival

Another huge strawberry 😛

I was just reading something about strawberry festival today in RL, and then found that there is a strawberry festival today in SL.

There are some cute clothes and also free tops from Lark to pick up <3.
The top is part of a dress from Vanitas Vesture, a store new to me, but I really like the sculpty work. ❤

Plan to go to the RL strawberry festival and eat some “real” strawberries. Hope I can find a huge one. 😛

Hair flower: Natural- Head_Buio_Present
Necklace: TDR Special– necklace- gold peacock
Top: Vanitas Vesture– Wonderland- Opiate dress (part) *
Under1: Lark- Navajo Blouse (Strawberry festival free)
Under2: Lark- Prarie Blouse (Strawberry festival free)
Skirt: Lark- Hattie Dress (part) (Strawberry festival) *
Leggings: C’est la vie– ribbon leggins
Shoes: Kloka– Raincoat(d-b) (free)
Hair: mikan– tanya
Skin: MY UGLYDOROTHY– Luckyskin(WHITE!?) (lucky board)
Bucket: Strawberry festival (strawberry not included) *
Balloons: Strawberry festival *
Camera: BOOM– Cute Cam 5000 (Project Themeory)
* review copy


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