the cat lady

I am the cat lady now.  Never thought of I would ever feed cats, but now I am more than eight cats’ mon… How can that ever happen to me… 😛

This look makes me feel like taking pictures in Paris… although I’ve never been there. But I definitely plan to go there someday… I wish…


Bag: IZUMIYA– Free Mini BOX Bag (free)
Dress: couverture- LUMIERE Dress
Glasses: Shade Throne- The Diabolo 2
Hat: equus- choucroute hat (tinted)
Scarf: AA- silk scarf (tinted)
Sock: Pig- Knee Sock Mit Suspenders
Turtleneck: JILL- LCD-Black (part)
Hair: Kin- Ilda
Shoes: 0N- Wo Boots
Skin: KAO- Non sun burn
Cat: Shop Seu- 1prim anim cat (old gift)
Poses: EverGlow– Model 218 *; Miyoko Magic- Ego 2 (old hunt gift)
Location: Les Champs Elysees
*review copy


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