Did you see bison?

So, I spent some time in SL today. I guess it’s more than the add up of the past two months. What did I do… shopping.. of course… 😛

I haven’t visited Stumblebum shops for a while, but I saw one of my note card has this fd shirt, so I deiced to buy it. When I visited fd, I was so surprised by many new releases (maybe not so new, but new to me). The Halloween avatars are amazing. Although Halloween is already gone (well I missed it), I still have to buy them. Among some great things I got from there, includes this beautiful skirt (it is part of a dress). The vest is today’s FLF item from Milk Motion. I just have to wear it immediately. It is beautiful…

I guess this look is good for a while… until next time…

ps. the two Stumblebum items I am wearing is only until the end of today… (and the two FLF items too) run…

pps. this is my 300 posts… I almost forget. Yay to myself 😛


Hat & horns: CADACHEERNO- Horns
Necklace: O!Bleak– I Dreamt of Africa (Stumblebum)
Blindfold: Picnic- narcissus (not available anymore) (tinted)
Vest: Milk Motion– My navajo vest (FLF)
Shirt: fd– Potato Sack Shirt (Stumblebum)
Skirt: fd– Bride Dress (part)
Tights: SMS– Nordic Tights (FLF)
Hair: AY.LinE- Lilac
Boots: Duh!- Women’s Skosh Boots
Skin: Glam Affair- Sofia Tan skin – make up 11
Poses: tram- 1,4, & 9 (group gift)



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2 responses to “Did you see bison?

  1. Malign Magic

    gratz! 😀
    I’ve never commented before, but I love your blog and I’m glad you found some time to post 🙂

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