Bambi’s Holiday Greetings

Another Holiday look… with Bambi fur print…

I have been wanting to post a look wearing Bambi fur print for a while, but I couldn’t find a leg warmer with deer fur print, so I decided to make it myself.

I am happy with the result as this is my first serious scultpy creation. I decided to give this leg warmer to my dear readers as a FREE GIFT. Because I have not been a good blogger for a while, and I always appreciate anyone who read my blog. Thank you everyone. I put it HERE (in the gift box).

Happy Holidays!


Top: SGM– ChristmasPresentHood (group gift)
Glasses: Alphavillain- Jean-Luc Glasses
Bag: tram- doctors big bag
Hood: kina– Fur muffler-Bambi Hood+Horn
Collar: 1mm– fur accessaries gacha 2
Pants: THE SEA HOLE- Highwaisted Engineer Shorts
Shoes: Reek- Shearling Boots
Socks: Zenith- Red WorkShop Nunu Socks
Hair: NelLOW– Xmas Bell Hair (free) (modified)
Skin: KAO- Non
Leg Warmer: Me (free gift here)
Poses: LAP- 2/365 & EverGlow– Model 404 *
*review copy


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