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Tomato doll

Long time no see… This is what the lady in the grocery store said to me today…

I didn’t plan to post today, but I couldn’t resist trying on this new avatar I got from Surf Co.  Of course, I am a big doll fan. This is “almost” my dreaming avatar. Soooooo cute.

A long time ago, I tried to create a “big head doll” avatar, but I couldn’t make the eye blink. So I opted out to create the doll avatar that I “once in a while” use (if you know what I am talking about). I am sure I will use this avatar for a while. But… the only disappointing thing is that her eye doesn’t blink either (or maybe I haven’t found out how?  let me know if I am wrong.)

Nevertheless, I can change her eye color and eye lids. Good enough for photos…

Clothes… I am using old viewer, so simple is better.

Tomato? good for health 😛

Be back soon…

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