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Choice Choice

I come back being a panda ūüėõ

No, I am not really back. I just took some pictures and being over excited that I made a first time change of my avatar since my last post. whooooo that was a long time ago…. but I¬†doubt¬†anyone noticed that I wasn’t in SL for so long.

Well… back to the topic, Choice is back. I have been waiting for it… It is my¬†favorite shopping event. It is so much fun and prizes are all great. Go to their web site to see how to participate and all the prizes.

I want to¬†specifically¬†mention that the AO from Body Language is sooooo cute. I love it¬†immediately (even though I don’t usually use AO).

OK… I don’t know when I will post again. maybe soon, maybe in another while… until then… wish everyone has a happy SL.

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