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This is a blog about my Second Life avatar fashion and my Second Life exploration. My purpose is not only to record my avatar fashion, but also to create a space for dialogue with many people and share my exploration of Second Life.

I don’t think I have particular fashion style. I like to try different clothes on and  imagine my feelings in those clothes. In addition, I found that although I can try different clothes, there are some clothes that I feel more comfortable wearing. All the things I wear are my own picks. I am an average avatar in SL. I buy clothes I like, and do not have any privilege. I hope this blog can be an independent blog that only shows my love of SL fashion and support of creative designers.


I am now gratefully accepting review copy, if you think I can do a good job representing your creation. Please don’t feel bad or sad if I don’t show them in a short time. I might still trying to find the best matching accessories. However, there might be something beyond my control (or my styling knowledge), so I reserve the right not to blog them.

Review copies are shown with a * mark.


You might see my different avatars showing different outfits. They are not my alts, but just me, just my avatars. After all there is only one “me” in the world. 😛

This is the “normal” human me 😛

This is my fashion doll avatar. She is not a child avatar but has a big head.

This is zalasheep, a DP yumyum sheep avatar.

(more are coming… :P)

Funny FAQs :Q

Q: Why is zala Wonder younger than the blog?
A: Because I abandoned the other avatar. I like the name zala Wonder better. 😛

Q: Why aren’t you updating Flickr?
A: I seldom go to Flickr, so uploading pictures to Flickr is a lot of work for me. But if you would like some pictures to be included in your group in Flickr, just let me know, I will upload them for you. 🙂

Q: Are you using Plurk or Twitter?
A: NO and have no interest for now.

Q: Why haven’t I meet you in SL?
A: Because I don’t like go to a place with many people. But in case of big events, like hunt, sale, or fair, you might meet me. Oh, and I like to stalk lucky boards too. And… I am not in SL 24hrs. 😛

Q: Do you have any business in SL?
A: NO. I have no income in SL. That’s why I wear a lot of freebies. I wish I can create something, but I spend all my time blogging.

Q: Do you want to be a model or DJ?
A: NO and NO.

Q: What’s your favorite color?
A: Blue.

Q: Does you avatar look like RL you?
A: A little… 😛

Q: Why is your avatar so tall?
A: I like being tall. This is SL…. I want to go for my dream not reality.

Q: Why don’t you use AO?
A: I seldom turn my AO on, because I like watching duck walking :P.

Q: You’ve almost never listed the eyes. What’s your eyes?
A: System eyes, and I like them.

Q: Why don’t you use lashes often?
A: I don’t really like lashes. Besides, I never use mascara in RL.


contact me @ zalawonder [at] gmail [dot] com

In-world please send IM or note card to zala Wonder, she will let me know your message. 😛

zala Wonder’s SL profile:

[ Meet me @ my blog: Wonder Avatar Fashion
Yes… I am a bad messager.
SL eats a lot of my messages. So sorry if I don’t reply to you. I might not receive it.
The best way to contact me and make sure I receive your message is sending email: (see above)
I am now gratefully accepting review copy, if you think I can do a good job representing your creation. See more about this on my blog’s /About/ page.]

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this blog and welcome comments.

This blog is about personal experience participating in Second Life®.  Second Life® is Linden Lab’s trademark. Linden Lab has no connection to  this blog.


2 responses to “About

  1. jem

    maybe you would like to visit “poetic eyes” (kusshon). they have gift eyes regularly and have a lot of personality… like you *-*

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