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woody bird


Nothing really… I have my avatar went shopping for me.

The woody bird came home with my avatar after a short shopping in creators pavillion. She told me that the sim is too lagging now, so she came back early.

And where was I? I was at home cleaning….

(well… maybe I will put the bird in my new birdcage :P)


A good thing about this skirt is that when sitting (normal system sit or similar), your legs will not show through the skirt. The skirt can still cover your legs.


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umbrella and raincoat


This is the second post about umbrella  :P.

I did another post about raincoat a while ago. This GM raincoat is a lucky board gift. (I spen two days waiting to get this ­čśŤ ) Although there are other colors for sale, only this yellow one is half transparent. I would suggest the store owner to put all in a fat pack to include this yellow color for unlucky people like me.

K*S created some wonderful umbrella too. This is one of the four different color umbrellas I get a long time ago. They come with AO and can be closed by touch.


From the back


I got this cute backpack in the Albero sale. His eyes become big for a second sometime. However, I am unable to catch the screen shot of that moment.


Umbrella: K*S (dollarbie ?)

Rainboot: CF (brought in the Albero accessory sale)

Backpack: Clive Froggit Backpack

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I have this sweater from Maitreya for a while, but didn’t wear it once. (It seems I always buy things and let them stay in my inventory for dust:P)

Anyway, I find that it is very cute from the back. I wear it with Sugarcube’s free tank top.

The boot is from fishing. I finally fished a left boot. ­čśŤ

The hat is from Apollon.

I really like the p.c; necklace. It is so cute.

So together, I think I will wear this for a while.

This makes me want to go for a picnic.




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