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Pray and Help

Well… long time no see…

I have been traveling from place to place, but sadly, not including places in Second Life.

I just came back, and have a lot to do, but there is one thing in my mind that is very important– help Japan.

I visited different fundraising events in SL. Lots of different events and stores to go, but it is worth it.

The right outfit was suppose to be posted before Valentine’s Day, but I didn’t have time to finalize and post it. So I added a bag and post it here. Most of the items from the left outfit are from fundraising events for Japan.

Please, please go donate and buy those beautiful and special items to support Japan, and thanks those designers for their donation.

More outfits to come…

Help Japan

Move for F of Japan (check the blog for individual store location and a list of participating stores)

Pacific Crisis Fundraiser

Linden Bear

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Early spring greeting

A little early, it should be tomorrow, but HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR to those of you who celebrate.
It is a time to add some beautiful plants and welcome (hopefully) spring’s coming.

So I chose to wear what I would normally wear for this day. Red Red and more Red… 😛

I was going to post this yesterday, but SL didn’t allow me to login, because I stuck somewhere and couldn’t logout.
Thanks to Linden’s quick response and fixed the problem.


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I got a real tree

I was going to post this look yesterday, but I ran out of energy…

Because… this is what I actually did yesterday!! I went to a tree farm to cut a real Christmas tree…. so excited…

It was fun to look for a tree in the snow field, but a little bit too cold. 😛

The trees with snow are so pretty.  I got a blue spruce.

So this look is about the experience, except I couldn’t hold it on my shoulder… ^^;;


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Gardening 2


So…I have been doing gardening at home the past weekend.

I went to plant and plant & garden festival @ ALBERO & CIOCCOLATA, and bought some nice plants as well as X’mas tree home.

Then…I spent a lot of time rearranging my house. Although I still have a lot of work to do, I am so happy with the result so far.


Standing in front of my little garden…


Taking picture with my new X’mas trees…



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fun shopping


Although I told myself that I need a day away from SL and blog…. but… when I heard that the new drowsy sim is opening, I just couldn’t resist…. sorry….

So, I went to the new-opening drowsy sim. I LOVE it!! It is not just a place for shopping, but also a good place just to enjoy the beautiful and cute design. (And of course taking pictures).

So I put together this outfit as my fun shopping outfit in drowsy. There are many free opening gifts. Drowsy’s t-shirts are so cute. I’ve already posted several times about their t-shirts.

Also there are new releases from the four stores there. There are already in my shopping list… 😛 (goal: buy them all!).

I am sharing some pictures of the “town” part in the sim, other places are also wonderful. Might show them later.

my favorite… ice-cream…


Balloons…. I like the fair feeling…


Free bag…


Just resting… 😛


The thing I always want to do…. dancing on a wall…


Free pillow…


and… free t-shirts


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