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Another school girl look.

Yesterday I found Linden lab have added more things in the Library folder from my Recent items tab. There are some nice new clothes. The best part is everyone has them. So you don’t even need to go somewhere to get; they are already in your inventory. 😛

Speaking about Recent items tab, I have been using it to find new stuff I got, but I found that it becomes useless when I got hundreds of new things in a day. My inventory is a mess. Now I cannot even find the clothes I just bought a few days ago. 😦


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I am a sheep now


Although I consider my blog as a slow/second hand blog, and I thought I would wait for a while to do the Summer Choice to avoid crowd , I couldn’t control my desire to have this sheep avatar. So… I did it today…and got all the gifts… YA… (took me more than 3 hours because of my slow Internet :().

Now… I am a sheep. Or… is this just my another avatar?

I am wearing some things I brought in order to get the stamp cards. So the outfit starts from the anuenue shirt and turns into a school girl sheep… mm… yes good girl… 😛

Maybe I will be a sheep for a while…



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So boy or not…


So I spent a lot of time went all over the grid for the hunt. Yes, it is the Make Him Over Hunt. Although I am too tired to finish the hunt, I still feel this is a great hunt, because many of them are not too hard to find and the gifts are great. Unpacking also took me a while.

The hunt is for men, so the gifts are all male stuff. It is interesting that I feel many clothes from differnt stores can be mixed and matched. Maybe because many of them have similar style. I don’t usualy pay attention on male styles, so it is a little difficult for me to put togehter an outfits using these clothes. However, I still try to come up with something.

The two school girl outfits are my first thought of these clothes.



These outfits are showing different tops I found in the hunt. Some t-shirts are very nice, that I would really like to wear. Some are just a documentation of the things I found. I don’t really think they are my “real” style. 😛




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school girl

The semester just ended, but I still put together this school girl outfit.

It all starts with the hair again. It’s  from W&Y hair sale. I don’t usually by hair, but recently I brought many. mmm…. maybe I am thinking about changing my RL hair too.. 😛

T-shirt is one Lindenbie from  tres blah. Skirt is from NMK. I saw it a while ago, but the hair and t-shirt give me reason to finally buy it. 😛

The jacket is from Milk Motion. I must say that although it looks good, it is very difficult to adjust the attached jacket. It has a resize script, but I still cannot fit the jacket well on me. So, just for taking pictures, not for everyday wear (can only see from one side).



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