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Working Monday


Trying to make myself look more professional, but not successful…

The picture looks like I have a headache for back to work on Monday :P.

There were so many things going on during weekend. I spent some time doing hunting and shopping around. OK, I admit that is basically what I do in SL  :P.

The new things showing here is the Hal Hina skin. I really like the skins from the Hal Hina lucky bags. I brought three of the lucky bags. Now I am broken… :(.

And… of course, the hunt. I only show two hairs from the hunt here, but the poop hunt is the funnest hunt I have ever participated. It doesn’t require a lot of TPs, because it is a sim hunt, and the items are not so hard to find. The best is there is an official note card with complete list of the places where the “poops” are. I used it to find some I couldn’t find. Ya… I got all the stuff from the hunt.

So it is Monday, time to go back to work.



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working outfit

I have been working on building my place in SL. T-shirt and jeans is waht I wear when I am working.

The right hair is a freebie from Tiny bird, which is similar to the left W&Y hair. I like both of them. They are sample and clear. Just a good hair style for work.


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