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rainy daydreaming


Such a rainy day.

Time for another umbrella…

So, this time, I am using a texture changeable umbrella from Stitch by Stitch.

Recently, S by S created another cute umbrella, which has a bird on top. But it is broken now :(. I couldn’t change the texture back. So I didn’t show it here.

By the way, I created the necklace by using Mary’s LL’s Leaf & Ladybug. It’s just a very cute creation.

Love wearing the clog. It is so comfortable.


The umbrella is very cute. It has a leaf on top and rain drops around, but cannot be closed.



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umbrella and raincoat


This is the second post about umbrella  :P.

I did another post about raincoat a while ago. This GM raincoat is a lucky board gift. (I spen two days waiting to get this 😛 ) Although there are other colors for sale, only this yellow one is half transparent. I would suggest the store owner to put all in a fat pack to include this yellow color for unlucky people like me.

K*S created some wonderful umbrella too. This is one of the four different color umbrellas I get a long time ago. They come with AO and can be closed by touch.


From the back


I got this cute backpack in the Albero sale. His eyes become big for a second sometime. However, I am unable to catch the screen shot of that moment.


Umbrella: K*S (dollarbie ?)

Rainboot: CF (brought in the Albero accessory sale)

Backpack: Clive Froggit Backpack

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Umbrella and skirt

When will the rain stop?


So… my computer died last weekend :(.

I finally can come back to SL yesterday and found that I have a lot… to catch up.

Anyway, this post is a combination of what I have been wanted to do. Long waiting…

I like to wear white skirt in the summer. So this BF skirt is my first pick for showing my summer skirt (more on the way :P).

The umbrella is the best umbrella I have seen. Although it is pricey, I still have to buy one to complete my umbrella collection. Yes, I love umbrella. I have  14 umbrellas now (different  textures in the same one  is not counted), and as I am seeing more and more designers making umbrellas, I am sure that the number will grow. 😛 (I also plan to show my umbrella collection in the future posts).

So… although it is sunny outside, the raining feeling is what I had when I cannot go in Second Life. It has been a long week of waiting. 😛


Skirt: !BF! -Hot Summer BoHo Skirt-Beige

Top: ENCEMBLE- Alice Set (free)

Belt: UM – Stone change belt

Bolero: Hal*Hina- knit bolero (free)

Necklace: UM- Feather necklace

Bracelets: Zaara- Melange bracelets

Headband: chicoco- mix katyusha blue line diamond

Umbrella: NODe- umbrella_v2_NO7

Shoes: Pixel Mode- Tem Wedges- Denim


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raining day

Raining again today.

I have been wanted to create a raining day look. And also an umbrella. So I spend a lot of time making this umbrella.

I am using the new StoRin pose. (It comes with an umbrella too, but the textures do not match my raincoat, so I didn’t use it.)

Cute again. The raincoat (from K*S) is the only one I can find so far that is OK. I think I need to make one myself. 😛


Two other looks. The left one is wearing the rainy day t-shirt from Project Kiwi. The right one is from Drowsy.



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