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café 8 or morning breath

I haven’t been doing cafe series post for a while. Today, when I went over to itutu, I saw the new cafe space.

It is a nice and relaxing place. I would add more pictures, but I am too lazy… 😛


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Café 7 or some thoughts on a day

It is a special day. It’s my RL Bday. Yay!

And…this is my 200th posts. Yay for that too! Not really a lot compares to many other long-time blogs, but it is a milestone, since I forgot to celebrate the 100th post. 😛

I am still new to Second Life fashion world, and I still have no clue how to really join SL fashion world (or SL as a big community). Many people use SL as a way for social networking, but I didn’t find a way to know others. SL for me is more like my privet canvas, for me to paint my avatar doll pictures. So, I am just doing what I enjoy the most– dressing up game. I am not sure how long I can keep up with this passion, but I will try.

However, I am also feeling a little bit of losing my identity. Not sure which direction I should go. Am I just playing monologue?

Sometime, I feel I am just an outsider. I like to make different looks for my avatars, but what that means to me is unclear. I am so being my avatar that I feel I am living in her. My avatar is me. I want to wear the best clothes and being pretty. But once in a while, this makes me feel stupid. Is this really what I want? I am by no means a fashionista in RL, so maybe this is my inner desire, which I didn’t know consciously.

Whatever, just some reflection. By the way, I updated my About page again and add some funny FAQ. Hope that’s entertaining.

I took pictures in Land’s End café today, because it’s my cake day, and I need some cakes :P. nonino has made some of the yummiest cakes in SL. Who would buy me a cake? 😛

I played with the new photo HUD I got a couple days ago. How’s the pictures?


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Café 6 or visiting art


Another café post.

Gallery and café mon coeur is a good place for relaxing and visiting art.

It is a very cute place and makes me feel like at home, because I have a similar house.

There is a secret place to enjoy peace and Japanese calligraphy. Try if you can find the way to teleport to the place.

About the bag… I received a package with ART-Meter bags the day before. I don’t remember when I got my first one, but this package is an update, I guess.  It is an advertisement for their Web site, which sells art works. When clicking the bag, it directs people to their web site. The bag is free and well made, and the pictures changes itself. The package include keys, which you can use to lock the changing pictures to the one you like. I feel it is a good bag for picture taking .







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café 5 or a gray memory


So today is wearing gray day, I totally support the campaign (see more here).

Because someone close to me is having brain cancer, I know the importance of improving brain cancer awareness.

The necklace from RGK, which has a brain inside a light bulb, is one of the many products that designers will donate the proceeds (see more here).

So, besides this, I thought I haven’t posted another café post for a while, and the scribble sim is a good match of black, white, and gray colors, so I decided to take some pictures there.

Black sheep café is located at the Scribble sim next to Scribble store (one of my favorite store).


relax… in black and white…


Where does the road lead to?


This is part of my childhood memory…




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Café 4 or a writer dream


I started this post yesterday, but didn’t have time to finish it. Anyway…

I have been wanting to make a post about La Café Poulard for a while, but didn’t have any inspiration for an outfit I would wear to the place. So, when I saw Beanie’s post about the new noju dress I went over and brought it. Then I made this outfit. I think I am ready to visit the café now. 😛


Located in a small lane in this beautiful shopping sim.


Amazing library for a café. Hope I can get inspired here…


Penguin, do you have a story?


doing strange dance to get inspiration… 😛


What a great place for a writer… but I still can’t write anything…. Well… maybe I don’t have any talent.



The café environment  makes me think of a writer writing in a nice café.

It usually opens at night but now has lunch too… Check their blog for business hour (Japan time)

You can read more about the place at their blog. (see Beanie’s post here about how to read a Japanese blog)

I put together this outfit faster than usual. ^^;;

The cute shoes I am wearing is from lucky chair at  RADIKAL. It comes with many different colors.

Not sure why I need to wear clothing pin bracelet, but I use to use clothing pin to clip papers on my desk…

The feather pen is something buried in my inventory that I don’t even remember when and where I got it.

Speaking of writing…. I am using this blog to practice my English writing…. English is my second language, so please tolerate :P.



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café 3 or being simple


Since I went to hair fair, my pocket is almost empty… :P

So I am making this simple casual outfit mostly from freebies and old stuff I have. But, they still look very nice.

I went to Mon amie café for photos. Mon amie is an interesting store. They have many freebies and you can find many brands there. I feel that  it is a lot like some small but fun stores I like to visit in RL.


Reading room



Funny table and chairs (can actually sit)


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café 2 or a relaxing Sunday afternoon


Y’s House has a café in chirihama. It is a cute and relaxing place. Good for spending a Sunday afternoon there.

Y’s House makes furniture and their furniture has many poses, which is a good thing I like.

This visiting makes me think of going to a furniture store with parents when I was young. I would play around and imagine living in the store with furniture. 😛


The table texture can be changed. This texture matches my t-shirt. Actually, this table inspires my outfit.

I want to sit here and have beer. 😛


Funny ball…




Baking in the kitchen.


I just want to get beer. What happens? 😛


Deer kangaroo, do you know my secret?


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