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snack time


Eating snacks is my favorite activity at home.  😀

Initially, I was going to do a couch potato look, but this top from Thimbles makes me make connection with sweet snacks. The pants was for men and has a cigarette box in the pocket. Since I don’t smoke, I modified its texture and turned it into a cookie box :P.

The hair is a good find at Hair fair from nodoka. I didn’t know their hair before. Although there are not much color choices for their hair, the hair is cheap and cute.


The back of the top is so cute…


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swimsuit and skin3


I’ve never thought of that I will do swimsuit outfits, but I did three in a week. 😛

I got this swimsuit yesterday from Digit Darkes. It is a free gift for SL6B. The swimsuit is a lot like one I have in RL, so that’s why I immediately want to wear it and decide to make another swimsuit outfit.

The skin I am wearing is sweet and special from Fishy Strawberry. It has small dimples on the cheek. This is not often seen in other skin. The lips are cute yet sexy. So I think this skin goes with the swimsuit well.


What am I doing on the floor? :p


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café 2 or a relaxing Sunday afternoon


Y’s House has a café in chirihama. It is a cute and relaxing place. Good for spending a Sunday afternoon there.

Y’s House makes furniture and their furniture has many poses, which is a good thing I like.

This visiting makes me think of going to a furniture store with parents when I was young. I would play around and imagine living in the store with furniture. 😛


The table texture can be changed. This texture matches my t-shirt. Actually, this table inspires my outfit.

I want to sit here and have beer. 😛


Funny ball…




Baking in the kitchen.


I just want to get beer. What happens? 😛


Deer kangaroo, do you know my secret?


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Buttons, you are so cute. I love you. ❤

I picked up Buttons from Fuel, a store I just know from going to the hair fair.

Yes… I went to the hair fair yesterday. But, I am still trying out the demos I picked up there at home (already spent 8 hours on this yesterday :(). I will need to go back again to spend some Lindens. 😛

Anyway, the only hair I brought from yesterday was this cute curio hair, because I could get the demo at their store and tried it before went to the fair. So… I just wish designers can put demo at their store or even send to their group (:P), so people don’t need to try the demo and wait forever for it to rez in the hair fair, or like me, try the demos at home and have to go back to get them (which means I have to flight with lag again :()

But, anyway, I am glad that I went there, and I got to know some stores that I didn’t know. Fuel is one of them. They also have demo hair for the fair at the store and you can pick up a gift hair at the mainstore too.


Cute shoes from Fuel. (the only thing, one of the shoe is no copy… maybe a mistake, but doesn’t bother me, since it is so cute)


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another swimsuit and skin


I saw this retro swimsuit on Momos Blog. It is only 17L$! Since I was thinking about wearing black and white contrast color today, and I am still in the summer beach mode, I decide to wear another swimsuit and show my favorite skin- Curio. If you have read my other posts, you probably know that I wear Curio’s skin a lot. Curio’s skin is very sweet. I like how the lips are done in Curio’s skin.

Ready for the water?


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summer breeze


Finally a good day… Wish I can go to a beach for a vacation… 😛

So I decided to show some skin…

The Redgrave skin is one of the most beautiful skin I have. Unlike some skins, It doesn’t make me look too old or too dolly.

I haven’t visited the hair fair… I want to wait for a few more days until the sims are not so full, because I am so sick of lag. And, I need time to save some Lindens too :P. So, I am wearing some hair that I have for a while, but haven’t have opportunities to wear.




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café 1


My Internet connection broke for a few days this week. It was a pain, but it also gives me an opportunity to be away from SL and stop spending Lindens. 😛

So, I am combining many things in a post again. I have been wanted to do some posts about café/restaurants  in SL. So, I decided to start with Café Picnic. It is one of my favorite café. I believe many people alreday been to there. My outfit colors, orange and yellow, are colors I feel in the place.







The scarf is free from BALACLAVA’s secret lab, which only available  to people who find two hunt gifts. Wonderful….

BTW, when I was buying the bag from CHABINNS, the owner Robinn Magic was there too. She was very nice and gave me a backpack as gift. Thank you so much!!

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