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Autumn leaves


A rainy cool autumn day…

I should have being doing other things, but I just feel wanting to post this look for today.

After a long search, I found so far I know the prettiest acorn necklace from caol lla. This is an elegant lady’s clothing store. There are many lucky boards :D. The bag is also from the store, and it is only 50L. Love the cute store.

Also, a big thing is the 50%off sale in Muism. I have been wanting to buy many things from Muism, but because of the high price, I have only bought one item from them. So the sale is a good news for me. After knowing the news, I immediately want for stocking Fall/Winter clothing.  Thanks Beanie again for the news :).




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Laundry day 2


Laundry…. oh no… 😛

The oyakin top is one of my favorite recent release. So I decided to wear it in a simple way.

And I got a new washing machine from RC yesterday, so other clothes are in the machine now… @_@

RC’s house stuff is my first choice when it comes to work. I have done another laundry post using the laundry things from RC.



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One of those days


I was going to do a casual look, but the skin makes me going bad :P.

I saw this new skin from Mother Goose’s yesterday, when I went there for lucky board.

After trying demo, I really wanted to buy it. But I thought, 50L Friday is coming, I’d better save some L$.

So I waited until today after 50L shopping to buy it. The skin is not so expensive, if you only want one makeup. But there is no fatpack…

Anyway, so I also include this awesome Milk Motion vest from 50L Friday sale in the outfit.

I hear the sound of skin expo. Can’t wait trying new skins. So only this time I feel jealous of those can preview skins :/.



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girl and deer


I know it is not winter yet. But I got these awesome boots from Ammaama…

There are two colors. I got the red one from the lucky board. Have to buy the black one :Q.

And the super cute deer is from Alles Klar. Thanks Beanie for the information.<3

I think an actual deer will be  heavier, although I have never hugged a real deer.

By the way, my new wanted items are knit skirts. I am trying to find all fine knit skirts, but didn’t find too many. So far, I have knit skirts from en Svale, YFT, and MIU. The skirt I am wearing is from MIU. Cute and affordable. 50 L$ for three colors. Nice!



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pig fun


I love pigs.

Life is good has a new pig Ferris wheel. It is a lot of fun.

I would put more pictures, but for some reason, SL doesn’t allow me to take pictures today. A lot of pictures I saved in my hard drive are blank  :(.

Anyway, you have to play with it yourself to enjoy the fun.



Flying pig… I am dizzy… @_@




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poncho poncho 1


Poncho is good for chilly weather like now. I have been working on finding poncho in different stores for a while.

One look was make a week ago, and the other was made on Sunday, but RL keep me from posting… 😛

Anyway, I plan to make a few posts about poncho. This is the first one.

The poncho from xxYOMESHOUJOxx here is one I found that is not expensive, cute, and nice.

The other one is from creamshop, which is more expensive, but it is very beautiful. And the flower can be used in other outfits.

Stay tuned on next few poncho looks. 🙂



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After the flood


After the flood, can everything return to before?

After the flood, can I find my favorite flower still bloom?

Dark water washes out my golden memory.

But I know everything is a dream… A dream deposits in the water…


I have being in love with un Jour and the embryo sim.

After long waiting, new embryo sim is opened. And… un Jour has new shoes and dress out.

So, of course I went visited and took some pictures.









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