Choice Choice

I come back being a panda 😛

No, I am not really back. I just took some pictures and being over excited that I made a first time change of my avatar since my last post. whooooo that was a long time ago…. but I doubt anyone noticed that I wasn’t in SL for so long.

Well… back to the topic, Choice is back. I have been waiting for it… It is my favorite shopping event. It is so much fun and prizes are all great. Go to their web site to see how to participate and all the prizes.

I want to specifically mention that the AO from Body Language is sooooo cute. I love it immediately (even though I don’t usually use AO).

OK… I don’t know when I will post again. maybe soon, maybe in another while… until then… wish everyone has a happy SL.

 Avatar: **DP**yumyum haohao_panda (Choice 2011 prize)
Vest & muffler: NINIKO (Choice 2011 prize)
Pants: NINIKO- marine pants
Shoes: Ordinary
Hair: tram
AO: Body Language (Choice 2011 prize)


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